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OCTOBER 4, 2021

Glass-Link Cloud - Creating a Complete Control Application

Welcome to another demonstration, this time, of the first complete, self-sufficient Glass-Link network deployment. In the accompanying video presentation, we would like to introduce you to the deployment of the Glass-Link network in a home-like environment. In the previous blog post we are showing how easy it is to assemble the Glass-Link Node by soldering a battery holder and an arbitrary sensor. Today, we are going through the Glass-Link Cloud application in more detail and examining various elements of it, including adding the Gateway, Node, three different kinds of sensors, and one actuator. We’re also showing a real-life example of how to set up and activate a custom logic in the Glass-Link Logic creator. The logic will integrate the sensors and their functions with the actuator. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will use Bosh precision barometric pressure and temperature sensor (BMP280) as well as two more of-the-shelf shelf sensors: luminosity sensor (TSL2591) and humidity and temperature sensor (AHT20). For the actuator, that controls the LED lamp, we’ve chosen an of-the-shelf relay.

This demonstration provides a clean example of the simplicity and user-friendliness of the Glass-Link products. There’s no need for programming anything, for complex integration, and so on. You simply take a node, connect a sensor or actuator to it, power it up, and can immediately see it in the cloud application. The sensor or actuator, after selecting in the dashboard, will be automatically identified, initialized, and calibrated by the node.

From this point, there is only one small step left to create your own smart-home system or any automation system in general. Do you want to either control sprinklers in your garden based on the soil humidity, the lighting in or around your house or automate blinds by making them reacting to the amount of sunlight – everything is possible with the Glass-Link Community* edition.

For more complex deployments, including industrial applications as well as real-time sensor networks or applications requiring hundreds or thousands of nodes, we recommend Glass-Link Enterprise* edition. In the Glass-Link Enterprise* version we also provide the Web API, which allows to automate and control the Glass-Link Network from within any application in most popular programming languages without the necessity for using Glass-Link Cloud application. We can also provide additional functionality to the Web API for a special request and also integrations with existing industrial platforms. The early and incomplete preview of the Web API has been shortly mentioned in this post.

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*The Community and Enterprise distinctions refer to a different set of functions and extensions, that description of is available on request.

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