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MAY 19, 2021

Glass-Link - The Cloud Application.

Welcome to another update of our development! Today we are going to show you some early state of the Glass-Link Cloud.

Here’s how the Sign In screen looks like.

Sign In

After providing your phone number and password, you are welcomed by the Glass-Link dashboard.


The detailed documentation of all functions will be provided at the release time, so don’t worry if some things are not explained here. Let’s jump straight into the configuration of our network. We’ll use the same setup as we did in the previous article - a Gateway and a Node with bmp280 sensor attached to it.

Now let’s try to add the Gateway first, as this will be the core element of the local home network we just built. Clicking on the “Add Gateway” button opens a form, where we can provide the Serial Number and Authorization Token of the Gateway device we own.


If Serial matches the Authorization Token we will see the Gateway added to the dashboard. It displays key properties of the Gateway and also connectivity status.


Now, let’s move on and add our node to the network. The process of adding a Node is very similar to one with Gateway – we need to provide the Serial and Authorization Token of the Node we own and click “Add”.

add nodes

Again, if Serial matches the Authorization Token we will see the Node added to the network. It is visible on the dashboard - here the Node signal strength and battery level indicators are temporarily not displayed.


The next logical step would be to assign a sensor to the Node. As in the previous article, we know that we’ve soldered the bmp280 sensor to our node. So let’s try to assign it now and therefore inform the Node through the Gateway about that.

add sensor

By choosing the “Add Sensor” option you are presented with a dialog box, where you can select the sensor type from the predefined sensor list.


After saving the configuration and opening the “Sensors” tab, we can see the sensor data fetched from the Node. Congrats! You’ve just built your first home IoT network based on Glass-Link infrastructure!


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