June 7, 2023
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Smart Port Week
in Antwerp

Glass-Link participating in an event in Antwerp

Celebrating the Power of Collaboration

Last week, Glass-Link had the privilege of participating in the extraordinary Smart Port Week event in Antwerp, where collaboration took center stage! With Nova Reperta, The Beacon | Innovation Community and Blauwe Cluster (Blue Cluster) vzw facilitating the event, professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to brainstorm. In a friendly atmosphere filled with creative energy, great ideas flourished, leading to new solutions for cleaner ports and healthier waters. We are thrilled to contribute our part with Glass-Link Technology, which undoubtedly leads to more sustainable port environments.

By leveraging technologies such as #IIoT and Digital Twins, we can achieve more with fewer resources. Glass-Link offers:

✔️ A complete industrial premises IoT monitoring system

✔️ The very fast response time allows for the building of distributed control systems over areas of many square kilometers.

✔️ Furthermore, Glass-Link technology is exceptionally resistant to challenging conditions, such as metallic or aquatic environments, making it an ideal choice for port environments.

Thank you all for the inspiration and energy that has pushed Glass-Link to explore new areas. We firmly believe that true innovation happens through collaboration and cross-ideation! 🤝

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