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Glass-Link enables reliable, real-time, long-range IIoT control and monitoring

Elevate your industrial processes with the powerful technology of Glass-Link: make them faster, safer, cheaper and more sustainable.

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More optimized and sustainable
industrial environments

Glass-Link gateway iconGlsss-link node iconAn illustration describing Glass-Link in action with its Gateways and Nodes, at the Maritime port, connecting multiple objects and their sensors

How does it work?

Glass-Link collects data from sensors and integrate it with your industrial processes and IT systems. It allows also for distributed industrial control systems due to its low latency and long range.

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Meet the novel approach!

Glass-Link not only collects data reliably, but it also does so despite many physical hazards related to wireless connectivity.

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Works alongside metal objects, and does not interfere with WiFi or Bluetooth.

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State-of-the-art encryption mechanisms make it impenetrable to third parties.

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The infrastructure is less than 10% of a typical WiFi-Mesh solution, while covering many square kilometers of an area.

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Built by industry experts with DO-178 standards in mind.

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What are the benefits of IIoT and Digital Twin?

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Digital Twin give you the ability to monitor and manage your industrial processes in real-time. This allows for increased efficiency, reduced downtime, reduced costs, and improved decision-making. With Glass-Link serving as a foundation, one can build and implement these advanced technologies within the organization.

Where can you use

Factory icon

Controlling aspects of factories, production line monitoring

industrial interfaces icon

Multifunction industrial interfaces extension

PLC system icon

Enabling IIoT connectivity for PLC system

Tyre icon

Tyre pressure monitoring

cargo terminal icon

Cargo terminal monitoring
and optimization

Ship icon

Maritime industry


Football sport field icon

Real time monitoring of sport events, assessing results

Power lines icon

Power lines monitoring

safety icon

Safety systems

... and more
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Our Products

Glass-Link Gateway and Glass-Link Nodes, housed in robust enclosures, boast high Ingress Protection ratings.

All of our products are designed to withstand even the harshest industrial environments with consistent reliability.


Glass-Link devices come with a variety of I/O connectivity options. They support a wide range of connectors and communication protocols, along with diverse harnessing options, guaranteeing easy integration into any system.

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From theory to practice -
Glass-Link cases

Maritime 2.0

Deployed in a harsh environment full of radio-opaque metal obstacles such as cargo containers, Glass-Link has proven its reliability at the Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia – a Polish institution of a strategic importance.

More about Maritime 2.0
A tractor representation for Tyre Pressure solution from Glass-Link
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From theory to practice.
Glass-Link cases

Tyre Pressure

Glass-Link enables automatic Remote-TPMS for any type of vehicle. The key features include real-time monitoring, historical data collection, alarms on tyre pressure getting out of range, and custom monitoring options.

More about Tyre Pressure
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From theory to practice.
Glass-Link cases


Discover how Glass-Link revolutionizes mining industry with real-time monitoring, data harvesting, powered by IIoT and Digital Twin tech for Industry 4.0.

More about Mining
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What do you get with Glass-Link?

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Cost savings
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... and more
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Follow our commitment
to technological innovation

october 12, 2023

BALTEXPO 2023: The Future of Maritime

The BALTEXPO 2023 trade fair, held from October 10th to 12th in Gdańsk, surpassed all expectations and left us filled with excitement. This remarkable event brought together 200 exhibitors from 15 countries...

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Glass-Link presenting at the Plug and Play event in Antwerp
june 14, 2023

Plug and Play Maritime EXPO in Antwerp

🚀 It was amazing to witness the enthusiasm of nearly 600 individuals as we collectively explored innovative avenues and fostered creative collaboration...

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Glass-Link participating in an event in Antwerp
June 7, 2023

Smart Port Week in Antwerp

Glass-Link had the privilege of participating in the extraordinary Smart Port Week event in Antwerp, where collaboration took center stage! Professionals and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds came together to brainstorm...

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Discover the future of industrial processes with Glass-Link today!