Glass-link Solutions

Maritime 2.0 - IIoT

Glass-Link IIoT infrastructure provides reliable and secure connectivity that can operate in very harsh conditions like in the proximity of metal objects, and works in indoor and outdoor environments. It can interconnect hundreds of moving objects, allowing data collection and control applications.

Secure real-time long-range wireless connectivity supporting
port/terminal infrastructure and operations.
The Baltic Container Terminal is the leading Polish specialistic terminal where the
Glass-Link system was deployed
Glass-Link Gateway (prototype casing) - providing connectivity to an area of approx 3 square km
Glass-Link Nodes installed on terminal vehicles and cranes (prototype casing)
Glass-Link node on the vehicle
Glass-Link node on the vehicle
Glass-Link node in Maritime
Glass-Link professional casing example (available in production versions)

Glass-Link Maritime 2.0
- Monitoring

Data collection from a wide range of supported sensors and PLC infrastructure, that integrate with Glass-Link Maritime 2.0 - IIoT solution
Glass-Link Monitoring infrastructure allows for measuring a variety of physical phenomena from temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors to reading data from complex PLC systems. Glass-Link Adapters are a robust and safe way for connecting external devices to the Glass-Link Node. They are equipped with voltage domains optical isolation and are capable of single microseconds response time.

Glass-Link Node can connect with sensors and actuators through various interfaces and protocols, from a simple digital General Purpose IO, ADC/DAC, through common embedded interfaces like UART, RS-232/485, SPI, and I2C to complex (incl. memory mapped) industrial interfaces like Modbus RTU, USB, CAN, and others.
Glass-Link Nodes integrated with Kalmar E-one (Cargo Terminal Crane)
PLC controller (prototype installation)

These are the
Glass-Link benefits:

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Glass-Link Maritime 2.0 - Software
(Data Analysis and Operations Optimization)

Dedicated software (standalone or cloud) with integrated databases supporting Glass-Link Maritime 2.0 - IIoT and Glass-Link Maritime 2.0 - Monitoring solution
Glass-Link  Software includes many types of standalone and cloud endpoints. The system can be used as a self-contained private network, thus standalone applications for data presentation, storage, and analysis can be used. On the other hand, Glass-Link offers cloud applications, web API, and integration with 3rd party services through technologies such as MQTT, OPC-UA, MODBUS TCP, and others.
Glass-Link Cloud Platform
Glass-Link Web API (JSON data example)
Graph showing counters read-out
Glass-Link database snapshot example (PLC counters read-out)
GPS data of a BCT vehicle performing operations on the Terminal. Data have been collected by single
Gateway from an area of approx. 3 square kilometers
Heat-Map analysis - showing most occupated zones by a vehicle performing an unloading operation from a
cargo ship near the docks

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Glass-Link Solution you get:

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