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Remote Tyre
Pressure Monitoring System

Remote Tyre Pressure Monitoring System provides instant information about the critical parameter which is tyres pressure

Keeping tyre pressure in the recommended range is important for several crucial reasons. Apart from the road (or the operating area) safety, it helps optimize tyre performance, extends tyre and wheel parts (like bearings) life, improves fuel economy, lowers CO2 footprint, and improves handling, cornering, steering, and stability while the vehicle is in motion. Operating on tyres that aren’t properly inflated could lead to sudden and catastrophic failures. Improperly inflated tyres will as a result cost the organization money (increased maintenance or failure recovery) and impact the vehicle's performance.

Lots of heavy vehicles operate on tyres, that have to withstand large pressures in order to support the device weight and the load
According to the EU’s new Global Safety Regulations, as of July 2022, TPMS will be mandatory for trailers and semi-trailers to feature a monitoring system for tyre pressure. All trailer type approvals issued after 6th July 2022 will now need to have TPMS installed to comply with the R141 regulation.

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Glass-Link enables automatic Remote-TPMS for any type of vehicle. It can integrate internal and external pressure sensors. The key features include real-time monitoring, historical data collection, alarms on tyre pressure getting out of range, and custom monitoring options.
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